Tips for Buying Jewelry – Save Your Money

Tips for Buying Jewelry - Save Your Money
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A good purchase is about getting value for your money. Smart shoppers know that buying an item of any sort is not about how much you spend but what you get for the money you fork over.

Is a $40 piece of jewelry a better buy than a $900 piece? The answer of course is that it depends. If I were only allowed to give you one jewelry buying tip that will save you money this would be it.

Understand your reason for buying jewelry and why it is being worn.

Here is a personal example.  When I get dressed I select jewelry that creates an ‘overall look’.  I have fun matching just the right color  and style of jewelry with my clothing for a specific occasion. It is a creative outlet for me.  Personally, I don’t really care what it is made of so I am just as happy with a CZ ring as a real diamond. Because I am more interested in a broad selection that has just the right look a lower cost option is better value for me.  Good quality fashion jewelry is often hard to differentiate from the real thing anyway. My real gold and diamond jewelry sets sit in my jewelry box almost all of the time because I am afraid I might loose an earring or damage the ring.  Since you are supposed to wear jewelry that wasn’t a value purchase on my part.

But that approach isn’t for everyone. I have a friend with an allergy to many of the alloys used in fashion jewelry and dislikes ‘yet another decision to make’.  For my friend, it has to fine silver jewelry in a style that catches people’s attention and will coordinate with everything. Preferably with a big expensive rock.  Needless to say I don’t buy her much jewelry. ;-)


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  1. SherylMJS says:

    True that a good purchase is about getting value for your money. Mostly, women love to buy jewellery in a jewellery shop or in an online jewellery store and usually liked luxury jewellery brands. Great post you’ve shared. Thanks!

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