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Will Fashion Jewelry Turn Your Skin Green?

Metal alloys containing copper may turn your skin green whether you have an allergy or not. The copper may react with your sweat and the acids from your skin to produce copper chloride. Copper chloride is a green substance that then rubs off on your skin. If you are prone to sweating and the metal […]

Is brass a suitable alternative to gold jewelry?

Brass is may be used in jewelry for its gold like appearance. Today almost 90% of all brass alloys are recycled compared to about 30% of gold. Because brass is not ferromagnetic, it can be separated from ferrous scrap by passing the scrap near a powerful magnet. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. […]

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Silver is added to colored karat gold alloys and carat gold solders to improve  the hardness of gold for making jewelry.  It is also used to modify the color and reduce costs. The metals added to pure gold to make karat gold for jewelry change the character of the metal. 9 kt gold has more […]

Is Silver good for your Health?
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Yes!   Silver has been used to prevent infection as far back as ancient Greece and Rome. It was also used to disinfect water and food during storage and the treatment of burns and wounds during the Middle Age.  In the 19th century,  sailors put silver coins in barrels of water and wine to keep them […]

What is Gold?
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  Gold Gold is a chemical element with the chemical symbol Au and an atomic number of 79. Gold is a dense, soft, shiny, malleable and ductile metal. Pure gold has a bright yellow color and luster traditionally considered attractive, which it maintains without oxidizing in air or water. Chemically, gold is a transition metal […]