Does real 9K gold jewelry change color with extended wear?

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Silver is added to colored karat gold alloys and carat gold solders to improve  the hardness of gold for making jewelry.  It is also used to modify the color and reduce costs. The metals added to pure gold to make karat gold for jewelry change the character of the metal. 9 kt gold has more copper/silver/other metal than 18kt for instance. This will make 9kt a harder metal. When copper or silver are added  the gold jewelry is more likely to tarnish than 18kt gold. The tarnish is mostly seen as a dull look and a loss to some extent of the “yellow” color. If the tarnish forms, it is easily removed with a good polishing cloth or by a quick buff by a jeweler.

White 9 carat gold contains 62.5% silver and 37.5% gold, while 22 carat gold contains up to 91.7% gold and 8.4% silver or copper or a mixture of both. If white metals are used as the additive the jewelry may turn white over time as the gold is softer and wears at a different rate.  This leaves the white metal behind.

What has your experience with 9K gold jewelry been?

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